Automate your sales tax Calculation

When you have sales tax nexus in a US state, you’ll have to add sales tax when you bill customers in that state – either at checkout or when you invoice them.

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You Have Options!

There are many ways to solve the tax calculation problem – it really depends on your checkout or billing process. Speak to Yonda and we’ll give you practical advice on the setup that’s best for your business:


Connect your system to our tax calculation engine for real-time rates


Our experts can assist you in setting up tax calculation in your system if it has native functionality


Use our resources to customise your system to calculate tax itself

Connect your system to Yonda with prebuilt integrations

Use some of our easy integrations to calculate tax rates at checkout.

How to address US tax rates?

US sales tax is a state-based tax. Each state has its own sales tax policy and rate. In most states, local sales taxes are imposed in addition to the state sales tax. Therefore, you can have customers in the same state, and even the same city, but you might have to charge them different tax rates. On top of that, some products have special tax rates that need to be applied as well.

The table below is an example of retail sales tax rates for select US states:

State State base rate Local range Total range
California 6% 0,15% – 3% 7,25% – 10,25%
Florida 6% 0% – 2% 6% – 8%
New York 4% 0% – 4,87% 4% – 8,87%
Illinois 6,25% 0% – 4,75% 6,25% – 11%
Texas 6,25% 0,12% – 2% 6,37% – 8,25%

The tax rate is determined by where the customer is based, so it’s impossible to know what rate to charge if you don’t have their address. It is crucial that you

collect the billing address of all customers (at very least their state and ZIP code) – otherwise it’s impossible to determine the appropriate rate.