Delaware Sales Tax Rates

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Is what you’re selling taxable in Delaware?

Delaware is one of the few states with no broad-based sales tax. This means, in general, you don’t need to collect sales tax on most goods and services you sell in Delaware. This applies to:

  • Services: Services rendered in Delaware are typically not subject to sales tax. This includes consulting, IT services, marketing services, and similar offerings.
  • Goods: Tangible personal property sold in Delaware is generally exempt from sales tax. So, physical products like clothing, furniture, or electronics wouldn’t incur sales tax.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS): Delaware doesn’t have a specific tax on SaaS. Since SaaS is considered a service, it would likely fall under the general exemption for services.
  • Freight and Shipping: If you’re selling physical products and include a separate shipping charge, the shipping cost is generally exempt from sales tax in Delaware, as long as the destination is within the state.

What about physical or economic nexus in Delaware?

Since there’s no sales tax, the concept of nexus (physical or economic) doesn’t come into play for sales tax purposes in Delaware, i.e. there is no nexus!