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Brands who have Automated Sales Tax Remittance with Yonda

What Does Remittance Mean?

Remittance is paying the sales tax you’ve collected from customers to the relevant tax authorities – the final step in the process. We’ve registered your business with the states you have nexus in, calculated your sales tax rates, collected the tax from customers and filed your sales tax return. Now it’s time to make the payment.

A service like Yonda Tax automates the entire sales tax process so you don’t even have to think about the figures you need to remit. We’ll ensure you’re compliant and leave you to run your business.

How to Remit Sales Tax

You need to remit the sales tax you’ve collected to tax authorities in each state where you have nexus. Businesses like yours are choosing Yonda Tax to simplify this process. 

If you have an approved US bank account, we’ll set up payments directly with each state’s tax office portal. Alternatively, use our Yonda Pay feature – we’ll submit on-time and accurate payments on your behalf.

We have cutting-edge software to automate your sales tax remittance, but it’s our people who make the biggest difference. We ensure you’re set up without a hitch, monitor your sales tax obligations and provide ongoing support – whenever you need it.


Connect your system to Yonda with prebuilt integrations

Use some of our easy integrations to calculate tax rates at checkout.

Experience the Ease of End-to-End Sales Tax Automation

Our experts will oversee your calculations and filings ready for stress-free sales tax remittance

We’ll sync with your systems and make sure you’re collecting the correct sales tax from customers. Why waste time wrestling with complex calculations for multiple states when you can automate the entire sales tax process?

Book a free assessment of your sales tax exposure. We’ll explain what compliance looks like for your business – and how to make it easy.