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If you have nexus in a US state, you’ll need to apply for a Sales Tax permit or register with the state. Setting it up can be complicated – so let us do it all for you.

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One Click Sales Tax Registration

Overwhelmed by complicated application forms and questionnaires? We handle the entire sales tax registration process for you! After we’ve done one state for you, the rest is easy. If you have exposure in a new state, just click “register” and we’ll take care of the rest.

  1. Tell us the states where you need to register, or let us do a complimentary nexus analysis to determine the states in scope. Fill out one firm, and we’ll take care of the rest.
  2. Our experts will prepare the applications, handle payments, and ensure everything’s processed efficiently.
  3. We’ll keep you updated on the progress and send confirmation once your registrations are complete.

Why you should register for Sales Tax.

If you don’t comply with state or local sales tax rules, it can result in both financial penalties and reputational damage for your business. You can avoid these unnecessary costs and risks to your business by getting Yonda to register for you wherever you have nexus.Let us handle your sales tax registrations, so you can stay focused on growing your business.

Do You Need to Register to Collect US Sales Tax?

Sales tax compliance can be tricky, especially since there are 50 different US states to consider. Yonda Tax helps businesses of any size and industry to register for US sales tax and stay compliant.

But do you need to register for sales tax?

The answer depends on whether you have a physical or economic sale tax nexus in a US state. If your business has a physical or economic presence in a state, you must comply with that state’s sales tax rules. US sales tax laws vary by state – our sales tax experts will understand your specific business model and let you know if you have exposure in any states. If you are struggling to understand US sales tax or need help registering to collect sales tax, contact us for a free consultation. We are happy to help, no matter how big or small the query.

Federal registration for non-US companies

If your business is located outside the US, you’ll probably need a Federal Tax reference, known as an Employer Identification Number or EIN. The EIN is issued by the IRS and is basically a social security number for a business. Having the EIN does not create any additional compliance obligations, but can be used to make importing into the US much easier, and will be needed by most states when registering for sales tax.


When should I register for sales tax?

You need to register in states that you are physically connected to (an office or shop, employees or if you store goods in a warehouse). If you have no physical connection, you only need to register once your sales into that state exceed a threshold. Ideally, you should register before you have nexus – but some states give you a short leeway. If you don’t register for sales tax this can lead to penalties and interest on unpaid taxes.

How do I register for US sales tax?

Registering for Sales Tax in the US can be complicated. You must register with each state’s Sales Tax authority if you have an economic or physical nexus there. In some cases, you can do this by using the particular state’s sales tax authority website. In other cases, you’ll need to call them or even mail an application form. You’ll need the following information: your business name, address, federal tax ID number, and business type.

What is a sales tax ID? And, do I need to register for one?

A sales tax ID, also known as a seller’s permit, vendor’s license, or sales tax permit, is an identifier issued by a state that authorizes your business to collect sales tax from customers. Whether you need to register for one depends on whether you have “nexus” in that state. Nexus refers to having a sufficient connection to the state that triggers the obligation to collect and remit sales tax.

This connection can be established in a few ways:

  • Physical presence: Having a store, office, warehouse, or any other physical location in the state can create nexus.
  • Economic activity: Surpassing a certain sales threshold within the state, even without a physical presence, can also establish nexus. Each state has its own threshold amount.
Where do I register for sales tax?

You register in each state where you have nexus. This can often be done online through the state’s Department of Revenue website.

But why waste your time and risk getting it wrong? Let us do the work. Our team of Sales Tax experts understand all of the complexities that come with registering for US sales tax. 

By filling in a simple form, we will contact the tax offices on your behalf and get you set up in all states where you are required to collect and pay sales tax.

What happens once I am registered with a state?

Registration is only the first step to Sales Tax compliance. Once registered, you’ll have 3 problems to solve:

  1. Collect tax on sales to that state
  2. File monthly or quarterly tax returns
  3. Pay over the tax you have collected

Do not register unless you have a plan to collect, report and remit your Sales Tax – or you might make things worse. Yonda can automate the entire Sales Tax process end-to-end.


Our Other Services

Since we are a full tax compliance solution we can offer you much more than just help with your tax registration. Here are some of our other services that you may find handy:


Nexus Monitoring

Free sales tax nexus monitoring helps you understand your tax obligations in every state. We monitor your sales in each jurisdiction, letting you easily stay on top of which US states you need to collect sales tax in, based on your sales and order volume.

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Sales Tax Calculation

Forget manual calculations and ensure you collect the right sales tax! Yonda integrates seamlessly with your checkout or billing system, automatically applying the appropriate tax rate based on your customer’s location.

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Automated Tax Filing

Filing sales tax returns just got easier! Simply provide your US sales data, and Yonda takes care of the rest. We connect securely to your website, accounting, or payment systems to automatically import your sales data each month. No manual entry is required!

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