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Our partners provide services and technology, and advise businesses to help them sell online and expand globally. With that global expansion comes tax obligations that demand consideration.

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We’ve designed the partner programme to help our mutual clients become US tax compliant: our cloud-based platform and tax expertise allow you to enrich your service, differentiate from competitors and add revenue streams.

Who partners with us?

Technology Partners
Marketplaces, Payments Software, etc.

Connect Yonda to your tech platform to offer your clients a fully integrated sales tax solution.

By adding sales tax calculation and filings as a feature in your product, you provide a proactive process for your users to get what they are looking for, without having to leave your ecosystem.

Our team will be happy to guide your customers through this complexity of sales tax compliance, including practical and commercial advice on where to register for tax, and the best way to charge tax and file the required returns.

Service Partners
Freight & Logistics, 3PL, eCommerce agencies etc.

Team up with Yonda to empower your clients selling across the USA to navigate the complex landscape of sales tax compliance. Proactively advise your customers about their tax considerations – this will not only remove a potential obstacle for their business expansion, but will enhances your overall service offering.

Additionally, our collaborative approach involves referring clients to our trusted partners, as we understand the diverse range of ancillary services our clients often require. Together, we create a synergy that benefits both parties and ensures seamless business operations for our shared clients.

Advisor Partners
Accounting & Law firms, CPA’s, Consultants etc.

Our advisor partners – even those who specialise in tax – benefit from partnering with Yonda. Many firms lack the specialized expertise, resources, and technology required to assist their clients with sales tax compliance across all 50 states.

Pre-empt client questions and help them avoid possible financial consequences of non-compliance. This will resonate with your clients, strengthening the trust and value they place in your firm.  

Yonda acts as an extension of your team, bridging the technical gaps and ensuring your consultants can guide clients confidently. Our partnership model also opens doors to a shared revenue stream.

Partnership Benefits

Refer Yonda products for revenue share
Implement Yonda’s tech or services for your customers
Integrate Yonda’s tech into your platform

Our Partners

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