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What is Yonda Tax?

We are a practical compliance solution for US sales tax. We help businesses through the complexities of selling in and across the US with expert advice to ensure you are fully compliant with state sales tax requirements.

Our services include the best Automated Sales Tax Software, Sales Tax Registering, Sales Tax Calculation, Sales Tax Return Filing & Integration and more!

How can Yonda help my sales tax?

At Yonda Tax, we can help you implement an automated sales tax solution that suits your needs with our Wingman service. We will assist you in registering for sales tax in your relevant states which can often be confusing.
Our sales tax calculation guide allows businesses to accurately set up a compliant tax amount when checking out online – saving you the hassle of manually calculating rates with each transaction. Combined with our automated filing and payment systems, we’ll ensure all transactions are managed appropriately.

Do I have to register for sales tax?

Yes, you are required to register for sales tax in every state where you meet the physical or economic nexus standards.

What is Nexus?

Sales tax nexus defines the level of connection between a taxing jurisdiction (a state) and an entity (your business).

It is essentially the idea that if your business has a presence in a state, you are required to comply with that state’s specific sales tax laws.

Yonda Tax offers a complimentary Nexus assessment to help tackle your tax obligations across different states

Which states have sales tax?

There are only 4 states across the US which do not impose sales tax – Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon.

Alaska does not have a state-wide sales tax but does allow towns and cities to levy sales taxes.

Every other US state has a form of state-wide sales tax.

What is Shopify Tax?

Part of Shopify’s settings is Shopify Tax which allows you to turn sales tax on in relevant states. Once you are registered in a state, you can activate that state in Shopify and automatically incorporate sales tax to your sales prices at checkout.

However Shopify Tax is flawed as it fails to help businesses register for sales tax or file tax returns. If you sell multiple products, the Shopify Tax setup is also rather complicated.

How can Yonda help with Shopify Tax?

By connecting Yonda with Shopify, we will take responsibility of importing your transactions when needed for filing returns or nexus analysis.

This removes the weight of doing so from the business owner and ensures a stress-free Shopify experience.

Which digital products require sales tax?

Digital products are intangible assets that are sold electronically, with no physical involvement. Generally most digital products are taxed across the US.

Services that are considered digital products include cybersecurity, apps, games, cloud models, streaming services and data storage.

Whether these products are subjected to sales tax can vary from state to state.

What are the different types of sales tax?

Sales tax in the US can be split into 3 categories: seller privilege tax, consumer tax, and retail transaction tax.

Seller privilege tax is enforced on retailers when making sales in the state.

Consumer tax is imposed on consumers making the retail purchase.

Retail transaction tax is added to the sales transaction as a combination of the other two taxes.

How do I know if I need to pay sales tax?

If you’re unsure on whether you are liable for sales tax, get in contact with us at Yonda where we will talk you through all your tax requirements.

Sales tax in the US can be a complicated system to understand, particularly with the state differences.

At Yonda, we’ll help you sell compliantly and confidently. Book a free consultation with us today.

Why should I choose Yonda as my sales tax partner?

With decades of eCommerce experience, we will do all the work for you. From sales tax permits, to filing returns and liaising with tax offices, here at Yonda Tax we are dedicated to assisting you with all your business taxation needs.

When working with us, you will have a dedicated account manager who will be available to answer all your questions and talk you through your obligations so all practicalities are understood.

Plus we have a network of global partners outside the US to help with additional fulfilment, accounting or customs requirements.

How do I become a Yonda Partner?

To become a Yonda Partner and get started with us, you will need to complete our short contact form filling in your name, email, company website, and address.

We will get back to you shortly after submitting the form with further information on how to proceed and help you with all your tax needs. It’s as easy as that!

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